Turn your customers into partners.

Using crowdranking enables you to reach out to your customers in a unique way. Your users will be spending more time with your products, ideas, and visions, and in turn will become long-time partners of your company's success. Effortlessly, directly from your own webpage.

Create a new space for user interaction.

crowdranking enables your customers to interact with your content, raising them from formerly passive visitors to active participants on your success. Interacting has never been easier: just re-sort any given element with a simple click or tap, and hit send! Additionally, you can allow leaving comments or adding new elements to your ranking, opening new channels of communication and idea generation.

crowdranking on iphone

Simply have fun.

Browse various different topics. Watch videos. Compare opinions. Comment. Crowdrankings are interactive and animated eye-catchers - exactly the things your website has been missing up until now.

crowdranking on tablet

See your users return and bring along their friends.

crowdranking has everything you need to make your content go viral. Our various share-options are adapted to neatly fit into any popular social media accounts, and easily created share-pictures make your rankings more "clicky" and thus irresitible.

crowdranking on android

Users love rankings.

Studies show that lists and rankings are clicked and view much more often than traditional texts. Your visitors will love and share your content more often once they'll see it presented as a ranking. Take this super easy step to success!

Increase user-attention

Users spend four times longer on a website with embedded crowdrankings.

The good news: your customers use the additional time to connect with your products and ideas. That's how user become enthusiastic customers

Bind users

Give your customers a reason to come back to your website time and time again.

Statistics show that users come back ten times more often once they participated in an embedded crowdranking.

Collect feedback

At the same time you'll collect valuable feedback — without boring your users with endless survey forms.

A crowdranking is the perfect way to get to know what your customers are really looking for, and easily access the most important source for new ideas, products and visions - your very own users.

Create your own crowdranking in mere minutes

Start a new social and interactive relationship with your customers today!

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  • Unlimited participants

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